Take a minute to look at theses pictures.
They were took postmortem during the Victorian epoch.
But this kind of photography still exists nowadays. 
It’s an important step of grieving process.
There’s nothing gross about this.
Take a second look at the pictures.
Doesn’t they look peaceful?
There are barely signs of death.
Somehow calming.
Death is part of our lives.
When I see dead people, and I may say I’ve seen several due to my work, there is this moment when you don’t realize that the person you actually look at is dead.
It takes your mind some more time to realize the absence of a persons soul.
This is always an intense moment when you wash/dress a dead person.
You begin to wonder where their soul is. Or if they will open their eyes again.
What their voice sounded like.
When you leave the room there is silence.
You know the person won’t come back, because you’ve seen it.
People have told you.
You will always have the memories about that person.
But it will take some time, maybe days, or months, or even years to finally realize that this person is gone.
That this person left this hole in the lives of everyone who has known him.
Not in a sad way. 
And then there will be this moment, when you know there will be no more conversations with this person.
You won’t hear this special laugh again.
But you have the memories, and no one can take them away.
You go on with your life.
From time to time you’ll look back to this seemingly sleeping person.
That’s ok.
Because death will always be part of our lives.